City Utility Bills

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New businesses need to establish a water service account with the Marion Water Department by calling to schedule an appointment to have water service activated. A deposit is required unless the business owns the property. The deposit amount varies based on anticipated water consumption.

Businesses also need a RPZ backflow prevention device installed on the water service line. These devices need to be certified and inspected annually. New buildings must purchase the initial water meter from the Marion Water Department. Future water meters are replaced by the department.


The Marion Water Department prepares and mails the City’s utility bill. Most commercial accounts are billed monthly. Payment may be made through the Water Department’s Check-Free Payment Program, personal check, cash and money order. Credit card and e-check options are available but a $3.95 fee is charged by a 3rd party vendor. The department is able to send the utility bill electronically to those who request this option. Contact the Water Department with any billing questions at 319-743-6310. There are two drop-box locations at City Hall, one near the 6th Avenue building entrance and the second at the 12th Street drive entrance.


The stormwater utility fee for non-residential properties is calculated based on the amount of hard, or impervious, surfaces on the parcel. Non-residential properties include, but are not limited to, commercial, industrial, and multi-family buildings with five or more dwelling units. Impervious surfaces include, but are not limited to, parking lots, sidewalks, roof tops, and compacted gravel. The minimum monthly fee for any non-residential parcel is $4.80. The maximum monthly fee for any non-residential parcel is $133.71. 

A credit policy has been established providing a discount of up to 50 percent off the non-residential stormwater utility fee for property owners who have implemented proper measures to control stormwater on their property.


Marion Public Services Department handles residential waste collection, but does not provide business services. Businesses should contact a private hauler to am